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Can Big Eyes Coin Meet up With Crypto Giants Like Solana and Bitcoin?

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Big Eyes Coin
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Purchasing bitcoins directly or investing in cryptocurrency funds and enterprises are two common ways to invest in cryptocurrencies. An exchange or a particular broker-dealer are two places to buy cryptocurrency.

Whichever way, buyers are constructive in taking decisions on the coin to purchase. Generally, the market has been in a bear state for a while now. Even top cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum are affected. However, crypto enthusiasts are in search of alternative cryptos with great potential.

Could meme coins be among the searches? Meme coin was first created in 2013 as a funny viral token. Today, meme coins like Big Eyes Coin have gone beyond just being a meme to providing solutions to real human problems. Water pollution as well as excessive fishing has been the problem hitching the ocean. One could imagine, how could this be solved. Big Eyes Coin has come up with a possible solution that might catch your attention.

Can Big Eyes Coin (BIG) Solve The World’s Problem?

Big Eyes Coin is an adorable and expertly crafted cat meme coin aimed to generate income and establish a community that is dedicated to aiding in ocean preservation.

Unlike Dogecoin, Big Eyes Coin token believes in the scientific prowess of a Japanese cultured cat who has the potential of saving the ocean.

Big Eyes Coin uses $BIG as its token symbol to encourage members to participate in in-house events and activities. Members can buy NFTs with $BIG and gain rewards. Big Eyes Coin ecosystem promise to be rewarding and entertaining.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has formally begun its 4th stage presale. If the first three stages are any indication, this joke cryptocurrency has enormous market potential.

The Big Eyes Coin rocketship, which has already raised over $5 million, is currently traveling directly to the moon and is not in danger of colliding any time soon.

What Are The Expectation Of Solana (SOL) Holders?

Solana is essentially just another blockchain network created specifically for the improvement of digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

It is a superior substitute for Ethereum, especially in terms of transaction speed.

Credited for its RUST programming language, Solana offers a strong foundation for transaction security.

Additionally, SOL can provide a highly scalable and effective network thanks to the usage of Proof of History. However, Solana still has a lot of potentials. The blockchain’s astounding speed and low costs make it a promising currency, provided that developers can increase the network’s security. And as a result, it might one day surpass Ethereum in value.

Bitcoin (BTC) With The Spice

Some Bitcoin lovers think bitcoin will eventually “hyperbitcoinize,” becoming the only legal form of money. What do you think?

That’s by the way. Being the first digital currency, BTC uses cryptography and other techniques to reach a consensus on the update of the blockchain. Bitcoin can be used for value exchange outside of the established financial system.

For instance, using Bitcoin to make foreign payments that are resolved more quickly, more securely, and with lower transaction costs than with traditional settlement methods.

Although Bitcoin exhibits certain characteristics of money, its main source of value comes from its limited supply and rising demand.

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