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Here’s why Metacade has everything to outperform The Sandbox (SAND)

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First, there was the web – innovative in its day but which now seems static and unresponsive. Then came web 2.0 – overtaken by dynamic, user-generated content. Social media is the epitome of web 2.0, dominated by a small group of companies known as ‘Big Tech’. 

Now, we are witnessing the rise of web3, the next iteration of the internet. Characterized by blockchain technology, decentralization, gaming, ‘tokenomics’ and the metaverse. Several pioneering companies are advancing platform rollouts for this new version of the internet. Two such companies are The Sandbox (SAND) and Metacade (MCADE).

What is The Sandbox?

Or rather, what is The Sandbox metaverse? It is a decentralized, virtual world that, in terms of aesthetics, is similar to Minecraft. Sandbox users can own, rent, and trade virtual plots of land known – somewhat unimaginatively – as LAND. Users can also create group experiences on their LAND plots either for fun or for profit.

The Sandbox is built using the Ethereum blockchain and transactions in The Sandbox are conducted using their native coin, SAND. It can be used to buy LAND, NFTs, and other items such as digital clothing for avatars. 

The Sandbox started out life as a mobile app for iOS and Android as far back as 2012. It was acquired in 2018 by a company called Animoca Brands, who then transformed the project into an open-world, metaverse platform, which consists of games, shared experiences and LAND plots. Developers also have access to tools within the platform with which they can build up LAND plots and create animations.

The SAND token is an ERC-20 cryptocurrency that can be stored in most crypto wallets that support Ethereum, such as Metamask.

What is Metacade?

The Metacade is a recent entrant into the rapidly growing and developing Web3 space. They are coming out all guns blazing and, more than that, they have a comprehensive, progressive plan to create the ultimate Web3 hub.

Metacade is essentially a metaverse gaming platform where crypto enthusiasts and gamers can meet, communicate, play, and collaborate. Instead of just one game, Metacade will play host to a diverse wealth of games; hence the virtual “arcade” that is reflected in its branding. 

Metacade users will be far better informed than most gamers. To begin with, they will be able to see what games are trending as well as the respective leaderboards of each game. They will also be able to read reviews and even publish their own reviews. Doing so will grant access to state-of-art GameFi alpha.  Longer-term plans include a job platform where members will be able to advertise and apply for jobs within the gaming sector. Game developers will be encouraged to submit game proposals to the platform and earn grants to build their projects. 

The Metacade is not just one thing but so many things in one completely immersive virtual world.

The Metacade Token

The presale of Metacade (MCADE) is already underway and will continue into the first quarter of 2023. Metacade aims to enable their community to become a self-sustaining, revenue-generating group. The platform and its users will be able to generate revenue from staking, advertising, tournaments with prizes, prize draws, job listings and, of course, play-to-earn rewards. 

They call this ‘Metanomics’.

How does The Sandbox compare to Metacade?

According to DAppRadar, SAND may have stepped into the quicksand. At the time of writing, the SAND price stands at $0.89, representing a drop of nearly 5% over the last seven days. Transaction levels are showing high volatility and volume has dropped dramatically.

The Sandbox is still highly regarded as a metaverse location and successfully partnered with some very known brands such as Atari, Care Bears, The Smurfs and Binance. The Sandbox is undoubtedly still benefitting from the fact that it was among the early movers into Web3. But sustained success may be another story. The market does not work on a first-come, first-served basis and it never has. The businesses that create better products and innovate are the ones that tend to succeed.

Therein lies the real issue for The Sandbox: it may be a good thing but, in the final analysis, it is only one thing: one game, one world. In short, it’s a bit one-dimensional. This is where the comparison to Metacade is at its most stark because Metacade has so many facets, so much utility and so many levels. The Sandbox is a virtual game whereas Metacade is a virtual society and that makes it appear like a better long-term investment. 

You can participate in the Metacade pre-sale here.


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