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Sensei Inu To Seize Markets As PEPE Price Weakens on Dev’s Turn

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Ever since the advent of Meme coins, the markets have been looking for something bigger. They have been expecting something that could take the working could notch up the functionality. And many meme tokens have been introduced but none have been able to impact the markets profoundly. But that is going to happen now because Sensei Inu is going to enter the space.

Sensei Inu: Introduction

Sensei Inu is a MemeFi project that comes with a unique “proof of value” consensus mechanism. Designed on the ERC20 blockchain network, it rewards individuals based on their knowledge and skills. Sensei introduced a dedicated platform for crypto gaming known as “Trivia”

The users will have to engage with the games on this platform. It has been crafted to give opportunity to every individual. In order to win the games, the participants will have to gain knowledge. Each game will allow the candidates with better knowledge to win.

Moreover, they can access the games on desktop and mobile devices. They can also earn a $SINU token reward by performing better on every front.

How Does Sensei Crypto Trivia Work?

Sensei Crypto Trivia poses 10 challenging questions to the contestants. Each has to face a countdown timer making the games more interesting. Every participant has to compete in multiple rounds trying to outflank others. Each round will choose the top 10 users and will reward them. The rest will also be a smaller amount of $SINU tokens for participation.

In case the game gets tied, a champion faces harder questions in the subsequent rounds. It will ensure that some winners emerge from the game.

Sensei Inu Tokenomics

Total Supply- 5,000,000,000 Sensei Inu/$SINU

Buy Tax: 0%

Sell Tax: 3% (Treasury)

Presale- 50% (2,500,000,000 100% at TGE)

Liquidity- 20% (1,000,000,000 100% at TGE)

Burning & Game- 20% (1,000,000,000 10% at TGE & 10% linear for 9 months)

Team & CEX- 10% (500,000,000 10% at TGE & 10% linear for 9 months)

Sensei Inu Roadmap

Phase 1

Website and social media

PR and marketing

Community building

Product development

Phase 2


$SINU Launch

Sensei Crypto Trivia Launch

Regular Trivia Rounds

Phase 3

Sensei Dashboard launch

Monthly burning events

Sensei TRivia Awards

DAO Development

Phase 4

DAO launch

Website V2 update

Crypto Trivia V2 launch

Community engagement

Phase 5

CEX listing

Global expansion

Strategic partnerships

Sensei ecosystem has been designed to empower the whole meme token community. It brings all focus to gamification and makes the network more lucrative. At the same time, it gives better prospects of earning to every participant too. With a sophisticated structure, it makes the technology more impactful for users.

More than that, it empowers every single user and gives them endless possibilities of earning. Its very structure helps the participants to overcome the challenges. The well-planned mechanism rewards the best performer but it doesn’t disappoint the others. It offers something to everyone. It turns into a total benefaction for every single participant.

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