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What are Advisory Shares? How to Utilize Them in Crypto Space?

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What are Advisory Shares? How to Utilize Them in Crypto Space?
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Advisory shares, referred to as Advisor shares, cover any type of equity compensation a crypto project may issue to individual advisors or advisory groups instead of cash.

A team of professional advisors often manages these forms of mutual fund sharing. This kind of share investment is ideal for investors who need more time or expertise to manage their assets. 

The objective of designing such shares is to allow diversification, which can help minimize risk while simultaneously providing potential returns.

A team of advisors which makes decisions about the investments in the fund manages advisory claims. The management team comprises experienced financial professionals who deeply understand the market and investments.

These advisory shareholders can give advice and guidance but do not have any voting rights or a stake in the project. These shares are usually issued to consultants, advisors, and other specialists who provide valuable insights and guidance to a crypto project in the early stages of growth.

What is the Difference Between Equity and Advisory Shares?

Primarily, the difference between regular and advisory shares is that regular equity shares are standard stock units that are sold in the open market to individual or retail investors. In contrast, advisory shares are stock options that are issued to experts in exchange for their business insights. 

These advisory shares are qualified under non-qualified stock options (NSOs). There is a difference in the tax treatment for NSOs and other shares.

How Do Advisory Shares Work?

These shares allow investors to access a professionally managed portfolio of investments. The responsible advisors decide which projects could be included and when to buy and sell a particular cryptocurrency. 

In addition, advisors are also responsible for monitoring the portfolio and making adjustments if needed. Advisors make decisions based on the goals of the project. Crypto is the new addition to such portfolio asset classes, as historically, it included stocks, bonds, and other traditional assets.

In the crypto landscape, advisory shares are granted to advisors in exchange for a pre-specified number of hours of work on a specific project. The holders of advisory shares are entitled to receive a pre-decided percentage of the project holding that is to be issued over time as the project grows.

What are the pros and cons of issuing advisory shares?


The pros of issuing advisory shares to the founder of the project include:

  • The issuance of advisory shares attracts and retains experienced investors and it can boost the growth of the project.
  • These share issuances can align the interests of the advisors with those of the company. 
  • It might force issuers to stick to the objectives of the project.
  • It does not lead to a dilution of voting rights.
  • The issuing company can access and benefit from the advisor’s network and expertise without any additional effort or cost.


The cons of issuing advisory shares to the founder of the project include:

  • It might be a small dilution of existing shareholders’ ownership.
  • It can be difficult to value advisory shares.

What are the benefits of Advisory Shares in crypto investment?

The potential benefits include:

  • They can give crypto projects access to the expertise of experienced advisors who can help make better investment decisions.
  • They can provide advisors with a stake in the success of a promising crypto project.
  • Investors and advisors are allowed to diversify their investment portfolios.

What are the risks involved in Advisory shares in crypto investment?

The potential risks include:

  • The value of advisory shares can be volatile, depending on the performance of the underlying crypto project.
  • The advisory shares could be difficult to sell if the crypto project does not achieve the expected success.
  • These shares can be dilutive as they can reduce the ownership stake of existing shareholders.

Conclusion: Considerations for Crypto Investments

  • Advisory Share investors should be actively involved in research and asking questions. 
  • Consider the types of companies active in the crypto landscape.
  • Regularly walk through your investments to check their project performance.
  • Follow specific news and updates involving crypto investments.

Terms to be understood

Non-qualified stock options (NSOs) are issued to consultants, company partners, directors, or others who are not on the company payroll. The holders of these shares are supposed to pay taxes on the difference between the grant and exercise price at the ordinary income tax rate. The tax is payable at the time of exercise.


Is investing in advisory shares in crypto a good decision?

It depends on the implications of the risks associated with advisory shares on the investment portfolio.

What are the factors affecting individual circumstances?

Crypto investment depends on risk tolerance and individual circumstances.

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