Litecoin Price Analysis

LTC Price Analysis: Litecoin Finds New Support Zone Between $230-$250

Litecoin price slipped after a sharp selloff from a new 52-week high of $335 and finds its new base of support zone around $230-$250Currently,...

Litecoin Price Forecast: LTC Gives Pullback What’s Next?

Litecoin price forecasts uptrend from $172.73 to $179.70 on Friday's trading sessionThe 24-hour volume in LTC is at $3,415,822,406 with a 6.95% decreaseThe LTC/BTC...

Litecoin Price Forecast: LTC Price Forecast up to $2000 In The Long Term

LTC price is seeing a negative crossover in the Moving Average and can test the lower levels in upcoming daysThe stock to flow ratio...
litecoin price

Litecoin Price Analysis: LTC Price May Halt In Consolidation Zone

Litecoin Price is currently travelling in a supply zone with an overall loss of 2.26% in the intraday session.LTC indicators showcase a consolidated move...

Litecoin Price Analysis: A Hiatus For Bear Rally, Probably

Litecoin price recovered  after taking support from $196 levels in Tuesdays trading session  Litecoin price may be taking a hiatus before resuming the bear rally...
litecoin price

Litecoin Price Analysis: Symmetrical Triangle Formation in Progress

Litecoin is forming a symmetrical triangle formed with a crucial supporting trendline and a small term resistance Declining volumes suggesting a possible reversal   Litecoin price has...
litecoin price

Litecoin Price Analysis: LTC Retesting the Supply Zone and Heading Towards the Higher Levels

Litecoin price, after clearing the supply zone now moving towards the resistance of $230 and $245, while successfully started to trade above all major...
Close up photo shiny silver litecoins laying on wooden background. Isolated litecoin ltc. Detail Macro photo of new modern decentralized cryptocurrency

Litecoin Price Analysis: Will LTC Price Break Above the Supply Zone of $205-$215?

LTC heading towards the supply zone, which is supported by the rising support line creating a bullish patternThe pair of LTC/BTC is trading near...
litecoin price

Litecoin Price Analysis: Support Taken, Last Resistance Remains

Litecoin price has climbed 3% in the current session(daily timeframe)  Litecoin to test the last resistance at $185 at 100% Retracement level Litecoin price still needs...
Close up photo shiny silver litecoins laying on wooden background. Isolated litecoin ltc. Detail Macro photo of new modern decentralized cryptocurrency

Litecoin Price Analysis: LTC Reaching Final Supply Zone of $240

Litecoin hits the new 52-week of $208 and now heading towards the supply zone which could be considered retracement zoneThe pair of LTC/BTC is...

Litecoin Price Analysis: LTC hits New 52-Week High Amid a Strong Rising Rally

Litecoin posting strong uptrend following by the overall crypto market and hits the new all-time high of $195The pair of LTC/BTC is trading on...
LTC price analysis

Litecoin Analysis: Litecoin Projects Bearish Trend; Plunges -33.23% From 52-Week High

Litecoin drops more on the daily chart due to week crypto market sentiments and now trading near the crucial support levels of $120The LTC/BTC...
litecoin price

Litecoin Price Below $140; May Plunge Till $118.94

Litecoin price performed with negative momentum on Friday's trading sessionLitecoin price is currently at $135.83, which is down by 6.04% in last the 24...

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