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Blockchain Headquarters Witnessed Announcements of $200 M Bitcoin Cash Ecosystem Fund

Blockchain Headquarters Witnessed Announcements of $200 M Bitcoin Cash Ecosystem Fund

The grand arrival was announced by Roger Ver, former CEO of Bitcoin.com at Blockchain Headquarters, the world’s largest cryptocurrency wallet. Stefan Rust, CEO of Bitcoin.com is already on a diligent quest for passionate and effective institutional players to join the project. Bitcoin.com had been undergoing various fluctuations in terms of …

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What is The Future Of Bitcoin Cash (BCH)?

Bitcoin cash future price Prediction 2019,2020, 2025

The Bitcoin derivative Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has seen a lot of favouritism in the recent light which has overjoyed the BCH community. Luno has added BCH to its Exchange platform, Japan’s crypto ecosystem is seeing faster-paced adoption of BCH in its community. The resource page of BCH has claimed that …

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Is This A Possible Reasons For Bitcoin Suddenly Soaring?


After Bitcoin prices dwindling from the past couple of weeks, Bitcoin suddenly soared this week, with the bitcoin price rising more than 20% in the last seven days and jumping over $500 per bitcoin in a matter of minutes last night, only to fall back again. The abrupt bitcoin price …

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Top Cryptocurrency price Analysis : BTC, ETH, XRP, EOS, BSV, BNB, BCH, XLM


Cryptocurrencies in the cryptocurrency market are not doing good. The most currencies are under bearish pressure, however, some of them can get respected positions. The situation is like this that the crypto market is doing partiality with the altcoins. The suggestion is to the traders that they should invest in …

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Is Cardano The Best Cryptocurrency To Invest In?


Bitcoin has been underperforming in the market over the past few weeks. On watching the cryptocurrency markets closely, a new paradigm is spotted to be emerging. Bitcoin is losing steam. At the same time, other crypto tokens are bottoming out. One coin that has grabbed everyone’s attention is Cardano. Cardano …

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Cryptocurrency Market Update: XRP is the worst performer among the top 10 Cryptos


This year was going great for the cryptocurrency community, but still with the present bearish correction happened in the crypto market has succeeded to bring some of the currency down. While Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin Binamce Coin were successful to reach long-awaited prices, and where currency such as XRP just gained …

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Litecoin Wins the Weekly Gain Race Among The Top 10 Cryptocurrencies


Yesterday, the cryptocurrency market was enjoying its bullish movement, but today the market is again under the bearish pressure. The top ten currencies were going upward yesterday and gaining a surge in their prices and for everyone’s surprise, Litecoin has won the race among the other top ten cryptocurrencies in …

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